7 March 2018

AB Testing

Boost your conversion rates
AB Testing and MVT, what for?

Wondering how to optimize the efficiency of your interfaces? Well AB Testing is definitely the approach you need. AB Testing will allow you to test one or more variants of your interfaces at the same time, with statistically reliable results. The whole approach is result oriented, the famous “KPIs”. At the end of your test, you will be able to evaluate whether your variants had a higher or lower conversion to your original interface.

Test & Learn, an interactive process

It is often difficult to predict which interface will achieve the best conversion. This forces us to accept that our assumptions can improve, or sometimes fail. Because it is the goal of testing, validating hypotheses and ensuring that we are going in the right direction. An AB test is not an ordinary project, but rather a working method to adopt over time, as the testing possibilities are inexhaustible. So test, measure and repeat!

Personalize your content

Modern testing tools also allow you to customize your content. The fundamental difference with AB Testing and MVT is that we are no longer trying to simply optimize the interface, but rather to offer more relevant content for a specific user segment. The goal again, being the optimization of the conversion!

Our services

Test design

We define the objectives to be achieved and then work on the improvement hypotheses to be tested with you.

Tools and Settings of tests

We accompany you in the setting of tests in your testing tool and also in the choice of the tool and its implementation.

Tracking setting

Since each test must have clear objectives, it is important to deploy the appropriate tracking. We will accompany you in the definition of your KPIs and in their marking.

Results analysis

Once the test is complete, we analyze the results and shape the data and the key elements to remember to carry out your actions.


Use of tools, process, tracking … We accompany you on the handling of AB Testing.

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