7 March 2018


Adopt the ‘Data-driven’ approach
Analytics, a valuable source of data

The analytics tool allows you to finely monitor the traffic of your websites or applications. It is an indispensable source of data when you want to optimize the conversion of digital journeys, traffic acquisition campaigns or simply better understand your users. With this data, you will be better equipped to make your optimization decisions and evaluate their impact on your KPIs.

Analyze, format and share your data

Having data is a good thing. But you still have to talk and share it within your organization to get the most out of it. From the creation of dashboards for a regular consultation, to the one-shot analysis of your datas on specific issues, it will be important to adapt the formatting of your data to your needs and to those who will consult it.

A Tag Management tool, what for?

Beyond the tagging for data collection by the web analytics tool, you will probably need to integrate other “tags”, whether for your acquisition campaigns or other tools requiring marking. The tag management tool allows you to centralize the integration of all your markings in a single tool and to pool their integration as much as possible. Besides the very practical side of the tool, its good use will also reduce the costs of integrating your marking plans over time.

Our services

Tool and tracking specifications

We support you on the drafting of tailor-made marking plans as well as on the choice of the tool adapted to your needs and budget. Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Hotjar, … the tools are numerous!

Data analysis

We analyze your data to highlight important indicators and turn them into recommendations: conversion rate, navigation behavior, acquisition campaigns, content, …

Tag management

Implementation of the tag management tool, setting tags for your analytics tools or acquisition campaigns and writing integration specifications.

Heatmaps & Sessions recording

We put in place the necessary tools for the elaboration of heat maps allowing you to quantify in a very visual way the interactions on your interfaces: click, scroll and cursor. Via a session capture tool, watch video sessions of your users.


Marking, reporting, process, analysis … We accompany you on the handling of the analytics.

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