7 March 2018

UX Design

Put the user at the heart of your projects!
Why is UX design important?

Imagine that you are working on a new project… After a lot of efforts and several long months of meetings, graphic productions and developments, your project finally comes out. Very quickly, you realize that some of your products or functionalities are abandoned by your users, that your sites and applications do not bring the volume of use or the expected conversion. Oops!

So why?

Difficult to answer this question without understanding your users
Do some of your products and features not meet the needs of your users? Do users have trouble using your interfaces, the famous usability? Or is it simply that they do not like the design, the content, and what your interfaces give off from a more emotional point of view?

This is where the UX comes in

To make sure you understand the needs of your users before you start your project, design your solutions, and finally, to test them! This will greatly reduce your chances of getting it wrong and make better use of your valuable graphic production and development resources.

UX design is therefore not only design, it is a strategy!

Our services

Usability testing

We test your interfaces with your users, or panels, to detect friction points and optimization opportunities.

Wireframes & Animated Prototypes

Through Sketch, Invision, UX Pin and more… We design your wireframes and animated prototypes to bring ideas to life and better share them.


With your collaborators or users, we run co-design workshops putting the end user at the center of the design to facilitate the ideation phase.

Experiences Maps and Personas

Based on user interviews, we enrich the knowledge you have of your customers by establishing their profiles via personas and by mapping their experiences on different touchpoints.

Expert appraisal

We audit your interfaces, analyze your competitors and suggest concrete improvement paths for your websites or mobile applications.

UI Design

After the UX Design phase, we rely on our network of experienced UI Designers to finalize the design of your interfaces.

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